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I know some of us have been scared of indoor plants, but it’s time to reclaim. The ideas of indoor plants with cascading creeper that can dress up any bathroom perfectly. This one is the most popular one among them.  It is suitable for nature lover.

The construction style of bathroom in which plants are involved, means small hubs and decorative plants are placed which is known as garden fresh style. While coming to the cost it can be affordable. A traditional way bathroom vanity often looks fresh as a daisy with a coat of spring green paint. Since green paint is everywhere, it looks very greenly. Howtodecoratebathroom  provides greate info about this subject

It is eco friendly since the vanity has two different depths, the doors and drawers accommodate the limited space with a hand crafted, vintage sensibility. It is developed by the method from old ages where we use to grow plants in house from that concept it has arrived. The cost may vary from choice of selection. As it says garden there are huge different styles within it. A marble counter- top will add timeless contrast to the particular graphic wallpaper which blooms above the vanity.

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